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In our investing education and resources section we will be providing a selection of useful investing tools, resources and educational articles. We’ll cover explanations of stock market terms such as Price to Earnings Ratio, how to interpret stock market share charts as well as looking at the buy to let property market.

Recommended Stock Market Investing Tools and Resources

Stockopedia – Our #1 pick for finding out information on shares. You have to pay for the full service but it’s quite reasonable. We wouldnt be without it.

LSE – LSE offer a range of useful tools both free and paid, including live prices, level 2 order book, RNS, finance news, blogs and forums. One word of caution – dont get too bogged down in following the forums, often the shares with the most active forums are the most risky.

Halifax Market Watch – Another of our favourites and exceptionally good considering it is free. Find out detailed information on all UK and foreign shares including financials and broker ratings, plus get all the latest news and access to some useful tools.  Halifax also offer a practice trading account which we recommend every new investor to try for 3-6 months before using real cash.

London Stock Exchange Tools – A range of stock investing tools and investing education available here.

ADVFN – Another great source of stock information, tools, blogs and news.

Motley Fool – Very interesting informational website packed full of daily articles on the latest stock market developments and their authors tips and suggestions. Sometimes offers conflicting opinions due to it’s multi-author nature but very good nevertheless. Also offer forums, a paid advisory service and share dealing.

Recommended Property Investment Tools and Resources

Rental Yield Calculator – A great tool from for working out your rental yield.

Property Investment Project is a very useful website with many articles and resources for buy to let investors.

Property Investment Blueprint – Tools, tips, strategies, articles and much more for making money in property.

Landlord Zone– An incredibly useful resources for buy to let investors/landlords to be able to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry.

Money Advice Service Buy to Let Investment Advice  – A good starting point for anyone new to buy to let investment

Stock Market Educational Articles

What is PEG Ratio?.

The PEG Ratio is another very useful valuation tool for evaluating both the value you get when buying into a particular company and how quickly the business (and therefore the share price) is likely to grow. The PEG Ratio is particularly useful when comb ...

Property Investment Tips

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